This is the main page for AS Material. (DOH!)
You'll find links to my notes and all the past questions (with the examiners' thought on what the answers should include) on that theme at each of the links below. I haven't yet added S2006 or W2007 - but I will once I've covered all three AS units completely.
Basically, make sure you have revised at least 2 Theme inside out. A third theme is your reserve. 1 (and maximum of 1!) may be left out. Remember examiners want knowledge and RECENT or RELEVANT examples.
Eventually (Greek 'tha') I'll put up other articles etc. for the 3 Units in general and articles supporting individual themes.

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Unit 1l BBC Essays for Unit 1
Unit 1 Theme 1 l Unit 1 Theme 1 Notes l Participatio and Rep Democracy
Unit 1 Theme 2 l Unit 1 Theme 2 Notes l Elections and Referendums
Unit 1 Theme 3 l Unit 1 Theme 3 Notes l Political Parties
Unit 1 Theme 4 l Unit 1 Theme 4 Notes l Pressure Groups

Unit 2 l BBC Essays for Unit 2
Unit 2 Theme 1 l Unit 2 Theme 1 Notes l UK Constitution
Unit 2 Theme 2 l Unit 2 Theme 2 Notes l Parliament
Unit 2 Theme 3 l Unit 2 Theme 3 Notes l The Executive
Unit 2 Theme 4 l Unit 2 Theme 4 Notes l Unit 2 Theme 4 Others Notes l Ministry of Justice l The Judges

Unit 3 l BBC Essays for Unit 3
Unit 3 Theme 1 (ER) l l Electoral Reform
Unit 3 Theme 2 (CR) l l Constitutional Reform
Unit 3 Theme 3 (Dev)l l Devolution
Unit 3 Theme 4 (EU) l l The EU