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I've broken all the questions down by type rather than year on this page. I'm gradually writing an analysis page for each. (25/04/08)

UK and the EU (8 times, 2002 x2, 2003, 2004, 2005 x2, 2006, 2007)
Globalisation and the UK (3 times, 2002, 2005, 2006) UK Foreign Policy and Party Stances (3 times, 2002, 2003, 2004)
UK and the War on Terror etc. (3 times, 2003, 2006, 2007)
UK Pressure groups (Twice, 2004, 2006)
Foreign policy and its impact on Parliament (Twice, 2004, 2005)
The Extent of the UK's power on the world stage (Twice 2003, 2007)
Environment (Once 2007)

UK and the EU
Is it possible for the UK to be ‘at the heart of Europe’ and, at the same time, enjoy a special relationship’ with the United States? (2002)

What has been the impact of membership of the EU upon the UK political system? (2002)

Is the UK still 'an awkward partner’ in relation to the EU? (2003)

To what extent has UK sovereignty been ‘pooled’ as a result of EU membership? (2004)

Euroscepticism is becoming a more prominent feature of UK politics.’ Discuss. (2005)

How has the influence of Europe strengthened pressure for the reform of the UK constitution? (2005)

To what extent has the European Union influenced UK politics. (2006)

EU policies and recent initiatives have fuelled Euroscepticism in the UK.’ Discuss. (2007)

Globalisation and the UK
‘Globalisation impacts more and more on UK politics.’ Discuss. (2002)

Assess the impact of globalisation on UK politics. (2005)

‘UK politics now has to be understood in the context of globalisation.’ Explain and
discuss. (2006)

UK Foreign Policy and Party Stances
To what extent do the major British parties agree about the UK’s involvement in international events and problems? (2002)

Is there a consensus amongst major UK parties about foreign policy? (2003)

'Labour bases its foreign policy on idealism whereas the Conservatives base their’s on the national interest.’ Discuss. (2004)

UK and the War on Terror etc.
Does the UK really 'stand shoulder to shoulder’ with the United States? (2003)

Discuss the impact of the 2003 Iraq war and its aftermath on UK domestic politics. (2006)

To what extent is there a political consensus in the UK over how the ‘war on terror’ is conducted? (2007)

UK Pressure groups
How has the growing importance of international politics affected UK pressure groups? (2004)

To what extent do UK pressure groups achieve their objectives through international action? (2006)

Foreign policy and its impact on Parliament
‘The UK’s increased involvement in international politics has contributed to a shift in power from the legislature to the executive.’ Discuss. (2004)

‘The power of the Prime Minister has been enhanced by the growing importance of international politics.’ Discuss. (2005)

The Extent of the UK's power on the world stage.
'The UK’s membership of major international organisations sustains the delusion that it is still a great power.’ Discuss. (2003)

‘The UK’s position on the Security Council enables her to “punch above her weight”. Discuss (2007)

The Environment
To what extent have global environmental issues divided the major UK political parties?