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Hi! If you can read this then you've got to my wikispace and I can start sharing material with you... (that is such a lame intro, what was I thinking???)
Anyway, AS guys you now have all of Units 1 and 2 to view. At some point, I'll start posting supporting articles for each theme, but not before I've finished Unit 3.
A2 people, I've started putting summaries from Baylis and Smith up. You don't need to print them all off! I intend to print some for class.
A2 people, great news, Joker has signed up for the wiki. All hail, Joker and her great notes. (Which help cover up my rotten teaching!)
17 JUNE, 12 JUNE 2008
There seems to be a rush of useful stuff so I've started a new page for the time before the A2 Exams. A2 Recent Articles. Also The Economist seems to have some good stuff at the moment. Some articles on Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.
11 JUNE 2008
Well it was going to happen Bush's Legacy - starting with the man talking about himself.

6 JUNE 2008
Due to Leonie's barracking I've started a new page A2 Environment 17 JUNE 2008 - more stuff added.
5 JUNE 2008
A new page A2 Unit 6 UK World Role Essay it puts the question in perspective by looking at one international incident in 2007. I've also played with the colour scheme a bit. Some feedback would be nice...

27 MAY 2008
I've started a new page for IGCSE History The Nazis and The Jews this should help with Paper 4.
7 MAY 2008
More stuff on the History Pages - especially League and Cold War Pages.
28 APRIL 2008
AS and A2 folks I've created a new page for both groups about the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty. I think one or both of you might get it. Also AS guys, practice Unit 3 questions - it's the fastest way to raise your marks.

25 - 28 APRIL 2008
I've started posting Unit 6 questions and essay plans. Go to Unit 6 Analysis
15 - 28 APRIL 2008
History IGCSE students. This is the right place, I'll start posting material tomorrow. Let me remind everyone, this site is intended to help students with revision, it isn't for other people to just lift my (and the others who helped me) material and then start passing it off as their own - especially private lesson teachers. What is given for free is not to be used for profit. Furthermore, do as I did, give others' work the credit its due. History Main Page

NEW !!!!!!! 24 MAY 2007
Four things.
First, I've put up a Blair's Legacy Page to help anyone trying to write an overview of TB's premiership. Blair's Legacy
Second, there is a shortage of Unit 3 stuff because there's not much of it around, I don't have all of it, I keep some back for Mock Exams etc. (It's bad enough writing IGCSE mock History Source exams).
Third, there's a section on the Ministry of Justice coming off 2/4 as it has an impact (and because it's a mess and caused a row - all of which could help improve answers in the exam). Ministry of Justice
Finally, any teachers reading this - I want to set up a help group but not on this site or the blog so we can discuss various ideas etc. Obviously we'll want to look at the new AS/A2 syllabus. If you're interested get in touch and I'll set up something new.

16 JAN 2008
I have decided to make access easier, so you won't have to sign in. This is because some people can't access the site - especially some of my students. As long as the site isn't defaced, I'll leave the settings as they are now, otherwise I'll go back to the higher security settings.
Also sorry about the lack of activity but my Master's and other duties have really cut into my free time.
I've added a page on AS exam technique for the present exams. AS Exam Technique